2017 Show Recordings

12-30-2017 Skeeter and G.Q.


12-23-2017 Skeeter and G.Q.


12-16-2017 Lee Lee and Darnell


11-18-2017 Skeeter and G.Q.


11-11-2017 Skeeter and G.Q.


10-28-2017 Memphis Artists in the Studio


10-21-2017 Emellio Lenez


10-14-2017 Zephaniah Dixon


10-07-2017 Songstress Carmen Hicks


09-30-2017 Comedienne Latoya T. Polk


09-23-2017 Skeeter & G.Q.


09-02-2017 Skeeter & G.Q.


08-26-2017 Salute to the Divas and Devos in Memphis, TN


08-12-2017 It's NOT about the Statues in Charlottesville, Virginia


08-05-2017 Reclaiming Your Rightful Place in Life


07-29-2017 Memphis Transgender Clapback to #45


07-22-2017 Red Hits and AJ King


07-15-2017 Draggin In Memphis


07-08-2017 Where Do You Live In GAYdom or GAYLand


07-01-2017 All I Really Want Is To Be Happy In Life


06-03-2017 G.Q. & Skeeter - Fighting for Equality in LGBTQ Community


06-03-2017 G.Q. & Skeeter - Fighting for Equality in LGBTQ Community


05-27-2017 Kayla Gore & Orisha Bowers - Myths about HIV & AIDS


05-20-2017 Gavin Mosley Young Democrats Presidential candidate


05-13-2017 G.Q. and Skeeter


05-06-2017 G.Q. and Brandon Zachary Lever


04-29-2017 G.Q. - Know Your Inner Circle


04-22-2017 Stop Passing Over Opportunities Regularly part 2


04-15-2017 Stop Passing Over Opportunities Regularly


04-01-2017 Maxine Waters ClapBack


03-25-2017 Kyra Bonet St James - Cassadine


03-18-2017 Opera Memphis presents Jake Heggie's Three Decembers


03-11-2017 Gay Conversion Camps and The Law of Attraction


03-04-2017 #BLACKTRANSLIVESMATTER with Kayla Gore


02-25-2017 Omicron Psi Omega Inc and Ex. Porn Stars Bobby Blake and Bamm Bamm


02-18-2018 Tami Sawyer - The Revolution will be Intersectional


02-11-2017 The State of the Black Gay Community


02-04-2017 LGBTQ Black History Show


01-28-2017 G.Q. & Skeeter


01-07-2017 Eddie Wiley



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