#IAmUnleashed 2016 Empowerment Workshop Registration

July 25, 2016: An Empowering Conversation "A Sate of Emergency for the Black LGBTQ community"
August 29, 2016: "Lets Talk About Money" hosted by Wells Fargo Bank
September 26, 2016: "Know What You Want" The Art of Finding Purpose in Everything that You Do.
October 31 2016: A Day of Reflection and Unity for the Community

October 31 2016:

A Day of Reflection and Unity for the Community

The Unleashed Voice Radio Show for LGBTQ

Every Saturday at 5pm

Radio Relationship Unleashed will present The Unleashed Voice a new program which can be heard throughout Greater Memphis, TN and surrounding areas. This radio talk show will be inclusively geared toward the LGBTQ community but not limited to. “The Unleashed Voice” will be a live publicly accessible show dedicated to the listeners on KWAM 990. The radio show will be launched in November 2014 and housed at the KWAM 990 radio station located at 5495 Murray Road, Memphis, TN 38119.

The purpose of Radio Relationship Unleashed is to provide a voice to the LGBTQ community and other ethno racial and marginalized communities residing in the City of Memphis. As such, Radio Relationship Unleashed will have a unique voice. While Radio Relationship Unleashed will have diverse programming and feature various types of relationship advice, AIDS/HIV awareness, news shows expert guests, spoken word and possibly music but a strong emphasis will be on; promoting healthy relationship advice, building self-esteem and awareness within the LGBTQ community.

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