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The Unleashed Voice Radio (TUV) Show is celebrating 2 Year of serving the LGBTQ Community. TUV Radio airs every Saturday @5pm CST on KWAM AM 990 Talk Radio, “The Voice of Memphis.” TUV broadcast every Saturday from the studio of the KWAM 990 radio station, located at 5495 Murray Road, Memphis, TN 38119. The purpose of TUV Radio is to be the premiere soundboard of the LGBTQ community and other ethno racial and marginalized communities around the U.S. ¬†As such, TUV Radio has a diverse programming and feature various types of relationship advice, AIDS/HIV Awareness, news shows, expert guests, spoken word and possibly music but a strong emphasis will be on; promoting healthy relationship advice, building self-esteem and awareness within the LGBTQ community, parents of gay children, local talent, reproductive justice topics, celebrity news, social and political topics, mental health awareness, women health, educations, LGBTQ Youth issues, and any other issues that raise a higher community awareness. Viewers can watch our broadcasts LIVE through Facebook, Periscope, and by visiting our YouTube channel The Unleashed Voice.

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